Why White Kitchens Work

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While kitchen trends in materials, finishes and details will change over time, there is one constant trend that will never go out of style – white kitchens. White kitchens offer a clean, bright and space enhancing feel to your home. But the best quality that white kitchens offer is that they work with every design style a homeowner could want.

Contemporary | Why White Kitchens Work

Contemporary White Kitchens
Creating a contemporary white kitchen allows you the ability to be modern without being cold and uninviting. Pair white walls with stainless steel appliances and fixtures. Make sure lines are sleek and flow throughout the kitchen. Want to get this look? Check out Whitehaus Collection®’s stainless steel sinks.

Transitional | Why White Kitchens Work

Transitional White Kitchens
While transitional design is usually multiple different design aspects put together, white will still work. Mix white walls with man-made and natural materials plus stainless steel appliances and your kitchen will be turned into a stunning and elegant space.

Romantic | Why White Kitchens Work

A white kitchen can be romantic and glamourous. Pairing white walls with marble or granite and either a stainless steel front apron sink or a fireclay sink will complete your look! Add fresh flowers, a decorative pendant light and be prepared to love your kitchen. Check out Whitehaus Collection®’s stainless steel and fireclay sinks.

Country | Why White Kitchens Work

Country styled kitchens are perfect in white. Adding vintage touches through molding, hardware, light fixtures and accessories will add plenty of personality. Keep the colors neutral, the lighting natural and you will create a sophisticated country kitchen!

No matter what style you are trying to achieve in your kitchen, white walls will always be a guaranteed eye-pleaser. White will tie together other areas of your home that are open for a unified feel. If you don’t want pure white, look for shades of white that have tiny touches of yellow, brown or gray which will warm up or cool down the white.

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