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Kitchen Bath Trends

We are having a great month here at Whitehaus, and it’s only just begun! First, our Farmhaus Fireclay sink is featured on the cover of Best Buy’s Home Living catalog – and now, our Farmhaus Fireclay is featured in House Beautiful’s Top 10 Kitchens of 2012!

House Beautiful Magazine chose the best kitchens reflecting the best designs and trends in Kitchens for the entirety of 2012.

Our fireclay sink is featured in one of the top designs, put together by Judith Espinar, Jim Deville, and Scott Robey, check it out below!

Southern inspired design featuring a Whitehaus Fireclay sink, designed by Judith Espinar, Jim Deville, and Scott Robey and shown in House Beautiful magazine.

We love this eye catching space – not only a kitchen, but could double as an art exhibit with the pottery and folk art displays! Who says a kitchen just has to be about cooking? What better sink to have in such a kitchen where pottery is a focal point? Fireclay and pottery are created in similar manners.

House Beautiful interviewed Judith Espinar about the design. Read the full interview here – but our favorite part was when they asked her
How do you like the farmhouse sink?” And she answered,

“I love it because it’s big, and I’m not bumping against metal when I’m washing plates late at night after a dinner party!”

View our Pinterest page with a new pinboard just for fireclay here, or view our full fireclay sink collection here.

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Kitchen Bath Trends

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