Featured: Pot Fillers on Remodelista: 10 Easy Pieces

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Whitehaus’ Decohaus pot filler faucet, model WH33-515-C.

Yesterday, on Remodelista, the home design blog, Whitehaus’ Decohaus pot filler faucet, model WH33-515-C was featured as one of the top buys for a modern design pot filler. You can view this model here on the Remodelista page.

Pot fillers are installed directly over the stove area, and the purpose for this type of faucet is to fill large pots right at the stove so that they do not have to be carried across the kitchen. This is an incredibly helpful feature in larger kitchens or in kitchens designed for older people who may lack the strength to carry heavy pots from one place to another. When the pot faucet is right above the stove you save time and effort as opposed to having to sit at the sink and watch a pot fill up, you can turn the faucet on directly at the stove. While at the stove, you can continue to cook other things and keep an eye on the filling pot at the same time. You also do not have to take the time to carefully walk across the floor with a large, heavy pot or tea kettle that could spill over.

Our Decohaus model featured has a cross handle (shown on left), but is also available in a lever handle model – WH33-515-L. Both of these faucets have a reach of 13″, and feature a double jointed retractable swing spout. The swing spout makes it so that there is no need to reach too far over your stove top…especially while cooking, and when not in use, the faucet can be folded out of the way to stay close to the wall. To see a full illustration as to how exactly our Decohaus faucet works, view our short video clip here on our YouTube page. The Decohaus pot fillers come in polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes, and therefore are an easy match to any kitchen or prep faucet. Here at Whitehaus, our products are complete functional luxury.

Please view our complete selection of pot fillers from modern to traditional here!

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