What Does Your Kitchen Style Say About You?

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Every design and style of your home should reflect the homeowner’s personality. From countertops to carpeting, from accessories to paint colors, no element should be added without your personal identity. If you’ve just finished taking our quiz, What Kitchen Design Style Are You?, it’s now time to see what your style really says about you!


Transitional Kitchen | Kitchen Bath Trends

Transitional kitchen owners are typically laid back and enjoy relaxing spaces that are timeless. They will combine traditional and contemporary designs into their kitchens. These kitchens feature tone-on-tone cabinets and counters, stainless steel appliances and tile accents. These kitchens are a mix of colors, tones and materials!


Traditional Kitchen | Kitchen Bath Trends

Traditional kitchen owners love timeless designs and pride themselves on looking good, but not flashy. Traditional kitchens still reign supreme but are now mixing some modern touches that are casual and warm. These kitchens contain warm colors, wood floors and rich granite counters.


Contemporary Kitchen | Kitchen Bath Trends

Bold statements are made with contemporary kitchens. Homeowners that are sophisticated and confident and put form high up with function love contemporary designs. Contemporary kitchens feature black cabinets, white counters, stainless steel appliances and marble flooring. Contemporary comes with a classy look that shows off your cosmopolitan and modish side.


Country Kitchen | Kitchen Bath Trends


Country kitchen owners are warm and welcoming. They want to be reminded of memories of a big family meal. Country kitchens are an American icon and can feature pendant lighting, baskets, natural colors and farmhouse fireclay sinks bringing out the fond memory of a grandmother’s house or an old movie.


Rustic Kitchen | Kitchen Bath Trends

Rustic kitchen owners love a homey feel in their kitchen. They was to give the impression that you are nurturing and want all your guests and family to be fed and feel cheerful. Rustic kitchens feature hardwood floors, wood cabinets, large refrigerators and granite countertops.

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