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Traditionally, a farmhouse sink, was used to hold large amounts of water in the kitchen, while also providing plenty of space to work with large pots and pans. Warm and inviting; to this day this sink is still very popular and adds a classic touch to the kitchen, so much that even modern kitchens are seen using this style of sink.

Fireclay is a great material because it is consistent, resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, discoloration and staining. The resulting product is a strong and long-lasting sink that can handle heavy use while boosting timeless style.

The popularity of this sink brings a wide variety of styles and configurations to choose from, in both traditional and trendy styles, showcasing gentle curves and graceful lines.





Nowadays, homeowners and designers are venturing to resource to unusual combinations in their projects. There are no set rules to limit their design choices, and the functionality aspect of a room is now also inspiration that brings out the owner’s personality.

With all the amazing qualities of a fireclay sink, why leave it to be installed only in the kitchen? Considering all the advantages of this sink, both in material and available styles; why not consider installing one in, let’s say, your bathroom?


A bathroom would benefit with a fireclay sink as the sizes available bring so many bold possibilities that would perfectly fit your space and style. The durability of it is a great asset when thinking about all the different and unique steps and tasks each of us include in our bathroom daily routines. A fireclay sink might be exactly what you need when crafty and creative projects are part your every day activities.


Whitehaus Collection® has a complete line of fireclay sinks to choose from and bath faucets to match.

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