Types of sink configurations

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When choosing a kitchen sink, there are many factors you need to consider. Size, material and type of installation are crucial, and of course, style and finish are equally important. The choice should be made taking into consideration the configuration of the bowl as well.
There are many combinations to choose from, depending of how much space you have available, how active you are in the kitchen, how big your family is, how often you entertain guests; as well as the different tasks that take place in the kitchen, that don’t necessarily revolve around food.

Single bowl
A single bowl is the first choice that comes to mind: roomy, with enough space to work in and to safely hold large amounts of dishes or wash and sort food before prepping it. Different sizes, depths and materials, offer plenty of choices where you can find one that fits you and your kitchen best.

Single bowl with drainboard
A single bowl sink with integrated drainboard is a space-saver on its own. It offers enough space to wash and drain, wash and prep, wash and sort, and even wash and cut. The convenience of having a flat surface available right next to the sink, simplifies even the most tedious tasks like peeling vegetables and discarding the scraps.

Double bowl
A double bowl is larger in size but also in capacity and convenience. With a double bowl, multi-tasking is a breeze: while rinsing some vegetables you can also be filling your pot with water. It is the ideal sink for a large family or a home with frequent guests. It easily turns cooking time into a shared experience where no one is on anyone’s way when it comes to prep and clean at the same time.

Double bowl with drainboard
The large size of this configuration is justified by the efficiency and practicality that this sink brings into a kitchen. If you have the space to install this type of sink, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

3/4 sink
The difference between a double bowl and a 3/4 bowl is that the main bowl is close in size to an independent single bowl, yet has a much smaller sink on its side. It is perfect for households where gatherings are celebrated often, letting you rinse and drain delicate glassware such as wine stems and specialty equipment, while conveniently leaving the large bowl available for bigger, more time consuming tasks.

A prep sink is the main feature of a kitchen island. peninsula or wet bar. Much smaller in size but located completely separated from the main sink, it is the perfect asset for when you have company over and there is constant preparation of drinks and finger foods. Kitchen helpers will also feel at ease working on their own designated space without cluttering the big chef ruling the kitchen!


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