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The bathroom is a space where homeowners tend to play it safe. Neutral palettes and classic fixtures are common design elements that we see in most bathrooms. A new trend we are seeing (and loving) are bold bathrooms that resemble more of a living space. Below we have gathered four details that can bring a bold and interesting element into your bathroom.

And we’re not talking pattern on the towels. Geometric and mosaic patterns have become a very popular tile choice for both the bathroom floor and walls. Tiles are a great way to customize your space because you can creative your own layout that is unique to your home.
On Trend: Bold Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends


We are seeing less and less one-piece shower units while homeowners are opting for a more custom look. There are so many options when building a custom shower and the floor material is one of them. From teak wood planks to pebbled tile there are a lot of really cool options that will make your bathroom unique!
On Trend: Bold Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends


Vanities are a staple piece in every bathroom. While there are many different styles and designs to choose from, homeowners tent to play it safe and pick a traditional style that you’ve most likely seen in many other homes. The great thing about a bathroom vanity is the sole purpose is to support a sink and act as storage for your necessities. That being said, there are so many opportunities to choose something unique and get that bold bathroom look. From a furniture piece to a basic slab of stone or an intricate pedestal, choose something that will wow your guests.
On Trend: Bold Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends


Lighting makes a huge difference in any space. We’re used to seeing funky lighting in the family room or kitchen but it’s rare when you see an interesting fixture in the bathroom. An unexpected light fixture will give your bold bathroom that wow factor your looking for, pulling the entire design together.

Since the bathroom is a space where you spend time getting ready, optimal lighting is key. This is where choosing a unique light can get a bit complicated because you still want to make sure your getting proper lighting to get through your everyday routine.

On Trend: Bold Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends


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