Trend Alert: Brass is Back

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Brass has officially come back as the interior accent du jour for kitchen and bathrooms. With the metal finish trends swaying towards surfaces that have a warmer, softer feel, brass is the perfect way to achieve that “lived-in” impression. Don’t confuse this brass trend with the old brass trend though. This is an aged, faded kind of brass, not blinding, polished, yellow-like golds.

The warm and earthy tones add dimension, depth and a sense of old-fashioned design to any kitchen or bath. The warm tones of brass always stand out. With brass being budget friendly, one of the reasons to love brass is that it can be incorporated into any décor style. Modern contemporary, traditional and every style in between works with brass. Alongside antiques or trinkets, brass is the perfect accent. Brass accents ranging from kitchen faucets, to prep sinks, to accessories are glamorous for any room in your home.

Trend Alert: Brass is Back | Kitchen Bath Trends

Sinks, faucets and other accessories in your kitchen look great in brass. In this kitchen, the brass is complimented by the marble, white and dark colors. Adding brass knobs and pull handles to cabinets can pull the entire look together.

Trend Alert: Brass is Back | Kitchen Bath Trends

If you want to try a bolder look with brass consider creating an entire back-splash for your kitchen like Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan kitchen. Pair the backsplash with dark cabinets and a few other warm metal accents.

Trend Alert: Brass is Back | Kitchen Bath Trends

Brass fixtures in the bathroom pair perfectly with white and other neutral colors. The brass gives the right amount of pop in your lightly colored bathroom.

Trend Alert: Brass is Back | Kitchen Bath Trends

Freestanding tubs add instant elegance into any bathroom so pairing the tub with brass fixtures amplifies the elegance. Adding some extra brass accents will help pull the look together.

If you want to start off small, start with a few pendant lights or simple accessories like knobs around your kitchen or bath. Go bold and bigger with matching kitchen and sinks all in brass. Whitehaus Collection® offers many kitchen and bath sinks and faucets, decorative prep sinks and accessories in this metal trend.

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