Traditional Faucets: Classic Design with Modern Technology

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Greatness lasts a lifetime. That’s why traditional style decor is one of the most popular styles found in homes today. The key to traditional styling is to find classic designs complete with modern technology. This will give your kitchen a refined and elegant feel with timeless trends, instead of needing to update in a couple of years when what’s trendy now becomes outdated. So how do you find out the right faucet for you? We’ve compiled everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect Whitehaus faucet for you.


One of the most popular lines of traditional faucets by Whitehaus is the Vintage III collection. Architects and designers across the nation agree that the Vintage III line is both pure and authentic in style and design. These hand-crafted solid brass faucets are durable and reputable.

One thing the Vintage III collection of faucets doesn’t lack is variety. You can find everything from entertainment/prep faucets to full-size kitchen faucets. You have the choice of bridge faucets, one of the most popular and elegant in the industry, or the single hole faucets, gooseneck or traditional swivel spouts, and an assortment of wall and deck mount pot fillers.

Vintage III pot fillers add style and convenience to any kitchen will match your Vintage III faucet flawlessly, creating a perfectly harmonized kitchen. These pot fillers have a double jointed, retractable swing spout, which means you can extend it to reach the farthest burner and then push it back to lay flat against the wall. The pot fillers also have swivel aerators, allowing you to have more control over where the water goes.

All of the faucets, including the pot fillers, are offered with cross or lever handles, and also come with a matching side spray to complement the faucet. A unique feature of the Vintage III line is its cohesiveness. Within the lines itself, Whitehaus offers entertainment/prep faucets designed specifically to match the full-sized bridge faucets. All of the Vintage III faucets are available in seven finishes, guaranteed to complement any other Whitehaus faucet collection, such as the Forever Hot® collection, seamlessly.

These patented, high-end decorative faucets are sturdy, dependable, and with that mixed with their traditional design, they are sure to become a fixture in your home for years.



The Twisthaus collection by Whitehaus has many benefits, but the biggest is its uniqueness. These elegantly designed traditional faucets are patented by Whitehaus Collection. They are a modern approach to a traditional design and are exclusive to Whitehaus. You’ll be getting a faucet not found anywhere else on the market.

Another benefit to the Twisthaus Collection is its cohesiveness. For every kitchen faucet you can find a matching prep faucet, creating a unified look throughout your kitchen. These faucets come complete with an 8” center to center spread, a swivel spout, solid brass side spray and are available in seven finishes, so you’ll be able to match any décor.

Pair any Twisthaus Collection faucet with a Forever Hot® faucet, Farmhaus Fireclay or Copperhaus kitchen sink from Whitehaus Collection to build a luxuriously traditional kitchen.

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The Whitehaus Forever Hot® collection is an expansive line of instant hot and cold water dispensers, instant hot water dispensers, and point of use drinking water faucets. This line of smaller-scale faucets provide your kitchen with functional luxury. The modern technologies that accompany these traditionally styled faucets are immeasurable. An instant hot water dispenser saves a lot of time in the kitchen.

These faucets will allow you to get hot water as soon as you need it, eliminating the time waiting around for your water to boil. These dispensers will save the homeowner energy costs, because the time spent boiling water on a stove top or in a tea kettle is saved when the instant hot dispenser produces a cup of steaming water in less than 30 seconds.

The instant hot and cold dispensers provide the same benefits but have two handles, one for the hot water, and one for the cold. Point of Use drinking water faucets will provide clean, drinkable water directly from a faucet when connected to a filtration system. These elegant faucets sit alongside your kitchen faucet, or can be used as an entertainment or prep faucet, save homeowners money, and make homes a little greener by drinking your own fresh faucet water instead of buying plastic bottled water.

In addition to their functionality, the traditional styled offerings from the Forever Hot® collection complement the Twisthaus and Vintage III faucet lines seamlessly. The Forever Hot® faucets are available in seven finishes, giving you a completely cohesive kitchen. For the ultimate traditional feel in your kitchen, the Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Mahogany Bronze, or Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are the most ideal.


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