Top 5 Kitchen Trends for 2015

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It’s our favorite time of year when all the trends for the upcoming year are being predicted! Here are our predictions for the looks, finishes, and features of what will be on the rise for kitchen design in 2015 and how to incorporate them into your own home designs.

Warm up 2015 with brass, bronze, or copper. Photo provided by Showcase Kitchens –

1. Warm Metals

Warm, inviting kitchens are always more appealing. A simple and easy way to add comfort and warmth into the kitchen is with fixture and hardware finishes. Brass, bronze, and copper are all on the rise in both the kitchen and the bath for their charming and homey allure. Think of these metals as a statement piece for your kitchen. These finishes have much more character than the ever-popular polished chrome. Not ready to swap out your faucet for this trend? Check out our fully comprehensive faucet finishes guide to be sure a new faucet finish will match the look of your kitchen!

  • Pair It With: This rising trend will blend well with the one below!
  • Will It Last: Brass was trending last year, and it’s still around now! Warm finishes have been in and out for years and regardless of what’s hot, they will always looks great when styled appropriately. Pair this warm tone with neutrals to keep a room grounded for a more traditional look, or combine them with bright, complimentary colors like blue for a bold design.

Bold hues are hot for 2015.

2. Fresh Hues for the Sink

Though stainless steel, the old faithful of kitchen sinks, has not gone anywhere, 2015 is looking a bit more colorful. A colorful sink is a great way to make your sink even more of a focal point or to add in a pop of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Whether you prefer a fireclay sink in biscuit, sapphire blue, or black or a luxurious copper or bronze sink, Whitehaus Collection has countless options for you. If sapphire blue is a bit too bold for you, a white sink stands out from stainless steel sinks as an alternative to color and also pulls the eye for a great kitchen focal point.

  • Pair It With: The sink finishes mentioned above pair perfectly with a warm metal finish. Complete your look with a matching instant hot water dispenser or pot filler.
  • Will It Last: Yes. Just like the warm metal trend, hues for the sink have been slowly increasing in popularity and are back again for 2015!

Sharpen up your look for 2015. Photo provided by Dresner Design –

3. Architectural Lines

Sometimes a touch of modern architecture is all you need to update your look. Sharp, smooth edges give a room direction, bringing it into the modern style. Sleek lines don’t have to stop at the furnishings, incorporating the same architectural lines into your fixtures will enhance the space and create a focal point.

  • Pair It With: Whitehaus’ JEM Collection faucet WH2070824 is a great faucet choice with integrated architectural lines or if you’re looking for a sink, look to Noah’s Collection’s WHNCMAP3026 with sharp edges and defined lines.
  • Will It Last: Yes. Modern style with architectural lines will always be on the trend radar.

Show off in 2015.

4. Commercial Grade

Residential kitchens with commercial flair are perfect for the gourmet chef, or anyone who just likes to show off! Commercial grade kitchens are laid out to maximize workspace for prepping and cooking, and fixtures must be low-maintenance and durable. Stainless steel sinks are a must, and a separate prep sink is desirable. Look for sinks with 18-20 gauge steel for a piece that is as durable as it is convenient. A stainless steel sink can withstand the heaviest pots and pans, won’t scratch or stain, and requires simple care and maintenance. Noah’s Collection by Whitehaus features a vast supply of stainless steel sinks in varying shapes and sizes, and they have the added benefit of a full undercoat over sound-deadening pads. This gets rid of any tinny sounds from running water and echoes from placing pots and pans.

  • Pair It With: A soaker faucet is the best choice to accompany your stainless steel sink. Chefs love soaker faucets because the high-arcing spout makes room for even the largest pots. You can also channel the water to reach the farthest spot of the sink, making it a breeze to clean your sink or dishes.
  • Will It Last: No one can deny the luxury of a culinary kitchen, this trend is here to stay.

Remodel for long-term in 2015

5. Long-Lasting Solutions

Consumers feel compelled to search for solutions that will last them for many years. So ironically, a trend towards demand for the trend-proof is on the rise. Though the bells and whistles of high tech faucets sound appealing, consumers are more concerned with the fixtures standing up to the test of time.

  • Pair It With: All of Whitehaus’ extensive product collection is up to par on their durability, but our top picks would be the Farmhaus Fireclay collection, and the Vintage III or Twisthaus faucet collection. These collections are our customers favorites, and there must be a reason why!
  • Will It Last: Yes. Spending your money on quality fixtures will always be in style.

What are your favorite trends for the kitchen in 2015? Do you have any different ideas? Do you love our predictions, or hate them? We want to hear from you!


Slider photo credit: Showcase Kitchens of Long Island |

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