Pinterest Trends: Timeless Table Settings

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When you’re throwing a dinner party, most of the focus is put on the food. You have to plan the appetizers, salad, main course, side dishes and desserts for a specific number of people. So much time is put into buying the right amount of food and preparing it, that most of the time the table settings are overlooked.

Even if you’re a gourmet chef that rivals Bobby Flay, the table setting is going to be the first thing your guests see. If they’re not impressed, it won’t matter how good the food is; it’ll just be another meal in their day.

Along with decorations on the table such as centerpieces and name cards, napkins can be a standout feature of your table. Do you know how to fold a dinner napkin into different shapes such as a bowtie or bunny ears for Easter? Learn how to create these fun shapes and more in the article, “Fancy Folding: Guide to Dinner Napkins.”

We love having a theme to a dinner party, and the pins above showcase how classy and stylish a table setting could be.

See all of our favorite table settings on our Timeless Table Settings pinboard here, and to see the rest of our pins, visit our Pinterest site here.


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