The practical beauty of a console sink

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Pedestal sinks are a great fit for small bathrooms or powder rooms, where you need to make the most out of the space and style: they are preferred choices for small bathrooms that don’t have the square footage to accommodate a more traditional layout or as a statement piece in guest bathrooms where not a lot of storage is needed.
Even though a console sink doesn’t offer the built-in storage space of a vanity set up, it does have enough countertop space, its side bars are perfect for hanging towels and washcloths; and the slender support legs set up the space under the sink for a basket, adding interesting visual elements to the room.

The support legs are available in different materials and finishes from metal and wood to wrought iron, finding one that has the personality that you are looking for is not an impossible task to imagine. There are enough configuration options as well, from basins made out of china and metal, to stone and glass, you can also find them fit for single hole faucets or widespread sets, single and double console sinks are also to consider.

The personality of a small bathroom shines through the carefully selected elements in it, as the space limitations give them the task to excel in both function and style.

The metal support legs on this sink, offer a neutral set up for the contrasting, one-of a kind sconces, creating an outstanding blend of attractive lines and finishes. The accessories round up this eclectic atmosphere: the almost monochromatic profile of the wall art enhances the clean lines of the china basin, and the golden and brown tones of the natural arrangement compliment the personality of the lighting fixtures. The pure white walls and tiles let all elements become one.










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