Adding a new dimension to the bathroom with Magic Flush® toilet

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Whitehaus Collection® has added a whole new dimension to bathroom design. This sophisticated and stylish ensemble of toilets provide the finishing touch to any bath or powder room. The newest line from Whitehaus Collection® delivers classic straight lines that will fulfill any individual’s personal style no matter if it is contemporary or traditional.

Magic Flush® WHMFL3309-EB

Whitehaus Collection’s exclusive Magic Flush® dual flush design has a 0.8/1.6 gallon quiet performance system. A 3-inch flushing valve is standard across the collection. The 3-inch flushing valve opens into a 2 1/8-inch pipe, generating a minimum 20-psi pressure; a lot more pressure than the competitors. IAPMO flushing standard demands [75] .1072-ounce balls, however, the Magic Flush® accepts [500] .1072-ounce balls without floaters or returns – that’s 53.6 ounces, or 600% more flushing strength. This, combined with the substantial 2-inch totally glazed dropway means clog-free assurance to the client that will keep your toilet flushing like new for many years to come.

Don’t be startled from the loud crash of your slamming bathroom seat ever again! The soft-drop seat has an innovative hinge system that will take 10 seconds to slowly fall, insuring that the toilet seat is guided straight down gently without a sound.

Who could have guessed that a time would come where product innovation has gone so far as to create daily appliances and products far more effective to not only the buyer, but the environment at the same time?

In an era in where conscious efforts are being made each and every day to have a more environmentally friendly approach, a lot of manufacturers have stepped up and made possible to give shoppers basic options for making their homes greener. Whitehaus Collection® is one of those manufacturers. They’ve launched an easy step to going eco-friendly in one of the most essential rooms within your residence: the bathroom.

The Magic Flush® eco-friendly toilets deliver conservation without sacrifice – the dual flush system permits the buyer to restrict the amount of water used with each flush. This really is particularly effective, due to the fact inside the typical home, toilets use more water than any other appliance within the home with 30% of home water usage resulting from flushing. The easy option to save an estimated 10,000 gallons of water for a family of 4, every year is to turn to Whitehaus Collection®’s line of Magic Flush® toilets. With this system, there is certainly up to 84% reduction in water usage, saving your household money, and including a lending hand to bettering the natural environment.

Not just is this toilet powerful with it’s 600% extra flushing power, but it features a contemporary, yet traditional look to it, to fit any type of house.

If every single house in the U.S.A. replaced their older toilet systems using a greater efficiency model like Whitehaus Collection®’s Magic Flush®, it would help save our nation approximately 640 billion gallons of water annually.

Get much more information about the Whitehaus Collection®’s Magic Flush® at

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