The Focal Point: Add Personality and Style to Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a natural gathering space within the home. Family members and guests congregate there to eat meals, do chores, or chat over a nice cup of coffee. There should be elements within that space that draws a person and makes them feel comfortable. These elements, otherwise known as focal points, serve many functions. Mainly, the focal point of the room is going to be your wow-factor. A focal point can be an intricate backsplash, an ornate ventilation hood, a high-contrast island, a colorful appliance, modern artwork, or a unique countertop. When designed properly, these statement pieces will also be extremely functional.

When designing a kitchen, the main goal is to create a harmonious space. You want all the elements to work together, rather than each piece competing to steal the show. The focal point doesn’t have to be a single element. Having multiple focal points, one from each entryway and interior spots with high traffic, makes the viewer want to look around. You should mix and match prominent and subtle focal points, so the space isn’t overwhelming.

Depending on what the homeowner chooses as a focal point, you’ll be able to tell what they value and what is important to them. A person who loves to cook might have a bold backsplash or creative cooking center, whereas a person who loves to entertain might have an intricate island. You should be able to gather a synopsis of the space by glancing at the focal points. It should give you a feel of not only the room’s style, but the homeowner’s personality.

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