Laundry Rooms: From Drab to Fab

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When it comes to a home, there are always those rooms that take design priority. Of course, the kitchen is always high up on the list as well as the living room and master bedroom, but the laundry room rarely makes the top three. Typically, it is the single one room in the house not seen by guests, so it is easy to let this room slip through the cracks and get a little messy over time.  But why should this be the case any longer? Though company may not spend their time in this room, you surely spend more time than you would like to in there! This room deserves to look just as beautiful and put together as any other room in your house, and with the latest resurgence of fixture options from classic to modern, it is now possible.

The quickest way to spiffy up your drab laundry space is with a large statement sink. There are many ways to go when it comes to a sink, so your choice will be very important for setting the tone of the room. If you desire a softer, more rustic look, a perfect option would be the Countryhaus front apron vitreous china sink. With one large bowl and a high backsplash, this sink is not only functional and durable, but also attractive. If an industrial look is more your taste, a Noah’s Collection drop-in laundry sink might be more your style. With a sharp stainless steel finish and clean edges, these sinks can take on even the biggest messes.

Once your sink is selected, the next natural step is choosing the faucet. There are endless options, but one function that is definitely necessary is a water sprayer. Whether it is giving the family pet a bath or rinsing off more delicate clothing items, the option of different water pressures is needed in a laundry room. Sticking with an industrial look, a Jem Collection kitchen faucet with a pull-out spout is a superb pick. With both a normal stream as well as a spray option, this choice offers a certain sleekness and flexibility not found in the average laundry faucet. If you aren’t a fan of the pull-out spout, a traditional alternative is the Vintage III dual handle faucet with cross handles and a side sprayer. This faucet is not only elegant but with both the stream and spray pressures still available it remains just as functional for your laundry room.

After both the sink and faucet are selected, the rest of the process is quick and easy! With a fresh coat of paint, some artwork on the walls, and maybe a decorative towel or two, your laundry room has gone from drab to fab. Just because the laundry room is centered around a chore does not mean that it has to look the part! With a little sprucing up, you will now find yourself looking forward to the heaping loads of laundry instead of dreading it. A beautiful space that makes you feel good can truly make all the difference.


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