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Dual Flush Toilets

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People are always looking for different solutions to become more eco-friendly. In other countries around the world, the dual flush system has been used for a long time. There are many advantages to these toilets besides being eco-friendly such as conserving water, saving money and it does not clog easily.

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Eco-Friendly Trends in the Bathroom: Dual Flush Toilets

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    Going green is the hottest trend right now. People recycle as often as possible, carpool to work, and carry reusable bags to the grocery store. However, homeowners often forget that going green doesn’t have to stop there. Whitehaus offers a number of products that are certified to be eco-friendly. The newest eco-friendly product…

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Product Spotlight: WHHIM-2

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INFOGRAPHIC: So You Want To Remodel

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  Looking to remodel? This infographic links basic remodeling information and Whitehaus Collection’s products together at one glance. To start your remodeling process, check out all of Whitehaus Collection’s products here!  

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Product Spotlight: WHMFL3222-EB

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5 Must-Have Fixtures In Your Home

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When renovating your kitchen and bathroom, the choices are endless. While having hundreds of options is a good thing, sometimes it can get exhausting and frustrating if you don’t know where to start. Below is a list of five must-have fixtures from Whitehaus Collection. These pieces stand the test of time in style and durability,…

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Nature Influences the Bathroom in 2013

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The number one inspiration for bathroom design in 2013 is nature. People love the organic and calm emotion that this bathroom style projects. Driven by the natural color tones, eco-friendly products, and relaxing aesthetic, nature inspired bathrooms is the current trend. The most popular colors used today are earthy, nature inspired shades, such as white,…

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