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Mood Board Monday #55: Steel the Show

576 650 Kitchen Bath Trends

  The best kitchen is one that incorporates a bunch of trends to make one harmonious kitchen. The design featured in this week’s mood board is a stellar example of using three trends to make one seamless space. By combining stainless steel, butcher block counters and an open concept, the end result is a luxurious…

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Product Spotlight: WHNC30CAB

811 474 Kitchen Bath Trends


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Mood Board Monday #35: Residential Restaurant

576 698 Kitchen Bath Trends

The restaurant style kitchen is becoming more and more popular. We love all the stainless steel that encompasses this style. It’s sleek, modern and strong. Everyone uses the kitchen differently, and with all the different options, it’s hard to find the right elements to fit your lifestyle. Here are some of our must-have fixtures for…

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Mood Board Monday #31 – Going Gray

410 1024 Kitchen Bath Trends

One of the trendiest colors of the year for interior design is gray. The color that used to symbolize dread and gloom now symbolizes elegance and serenity. Because we love the color so much, we decided to do two mood boards this week, each featuring a different usage of gray in the kitchen.

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Stainless Steel: The Super Sink

Kitchen Bath Trends

  Having a deeper bowl is a great option for stainless steel sinks. You just finished eating dinner, and you have to clean up before you can watch the newest episode of your favorite television show. You hastily throw the pots and pans you used into your beautiful porcelain sink so you can start scrubbing.…

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Mood Board Monday #8: Cheer Up Your Chores

576 576 Kitchen Bath Trends

We don’t just love kitchens and baths here at Whitehaus, we take pride in our durable, high quality laundry and utility products as well! Let’s be honest, the laundry room isn’t a room that your guests visit often, so many people don’t take the time in making it look presentable. If you’re lucky enough to…

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