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Pinterest Trends: Stylish Laundry Rooms

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Laundry rooms are no longer being hidden away behind folding doors. Multipurpose laundry rooms are replacing the traditional laundry closet. The laundry room is no longer just for laundry. Incorporate a laundry sink, folding counter, cabinetry for storage of products and a drying rack to create the ultimate laundering space. Want more inspiration? Check out Kitchen Bath…

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Laundry Rooms: From Drab to Fab

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When it comes to a home, there are always those rooms that take design priority. Of course, the kitchen is always high up on the list as well as the living room and master bedroom, but the laundry room rarely makes the top three. Typically, it is the single one room in the house not…

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Mood Board Monday #75: Fun and Traditional Laundry Rooms

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Traditional rooms are timeless; a tasteful design that will never go out of style. But traditional style often gets a bad rap for being dull. There are infinite ways to create a fun and traditional space, but the laundry room featured in this week’s mood board incorporates some of our favorite traditional trends.

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Pinterest Trends: Laundry Rooms

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  There are few things in the world I dislike more than doing laundry. No matter how often I do it, laundry is the one chore that feels like it’s never-ending. I know I’m not alone here, which is why I decided to pin laundry rooms on Pinterest this week. Some of these laundry rooms…

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Mood Board Monday #27: Lovely Laundry Rooms

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When someone says the word “laundry,” there is an instant sense of dread. People hate doing laundry, and their laundry rooms usually reflect that. Often the laundry room is hidden away from guests, typically in a dark, dingy spot in the basement. But people have the tendency to overlook the world of opportunities for a…

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Functionality: The Key to A Great Laundry Room

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  A sunny laundry room with stainless steel accents: makes doing laundry….not so bad… This week, we’ve been all about the laundry room here at Whitehaus! We offer beautiful fixtures for the kitchen and the bath, but we don’t talk about the laundry room all that often – and we spend a lot of time…

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Mood Board Monday #8: Cheer Up Your Chores

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We don’t just love kitchens and baths here at Whitehaus, we take pride in our durable, high quality laundry and utility products as well! Let’s be honest, the laundry room isn’t a room that your guests visit often, so many people don’t take the time in making it look presentable. If you’re lucky enough to…

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