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Stylish Laundry Rooms

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There are many ways to create a well organized and efficient laundry room without sacrificing style. Choosing the right appliances is just the first step to this process. Storage and organization play a large role in creating a laundering space that you can be productive in. Laundry rooms are no longer being tucked in the basement or behind…

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Mood Board #96 – Lavish Laundry Room

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The laundry room may be an industrious and well used room, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in this space. Laundry rooms are no longer being tucked away in the closet. Design a beautiful and functional space around your washer and dryer with cabinets, a drying rack, folding counter and even a laundry…

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Creating a Lavish Laundry Room

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When renovating or remodeling, the laundry room is often neglected. Not many people enjoy doing laundry, so they tend to allocate more funds for renovation in the kitchen, bathrooms, or other popular spaces. However, renovating your laundry room into an efficient, stylish space will make spending time in there less of a chore.

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Mood Board Monday #69: Laundry Luxury

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The laundry room featured in this week’s mood board is filled with subtle luxuries, making it a dream space for any home. There are many different elements working together to create a functional, stylish space. The contrast created by combining striking and soft elements makes for a harmonious traditional design.

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Mood Board Monday #59: Country Chores

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  When someone says the word “laundry,” there is an instant sense of dread. People hate doing laundry, and their laundry rooms usually reflect that. Often the laundry room is hidden away from guests, typically in a dark, dingy spot in the basement. But people have the tendency to overlook the world of opportunities for…

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Mood Board Monday #53: A Dash of Drama

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  In past laundry room mood boards, we’ve talked about how laundry is daunting and your space usually reflects that. By creating a beautiful design, your chores will seem less dreary. But now we’re going to take it up a notch. This mood board features a laundry room that is filled with drama. From the…

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Mood Board Monday #46: Laundry Room Makeover

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The laundry room, like the bathroom, is predominately about functionality. Because it’s not a high-traffic room, most homeowners forgo the design and just focus on its efficiency. However, creating a luxurious laundry room will actually increase your productivity.

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Fabulous Fireclay Laundry Sinks

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For the past few years, the trend for laundry sinks has been stainless steel. They’re durable, sturdy and resilient to cracks and chips. While they match almost every décor, recently people have been opting for Fireclay laundry sinks because they create a softer look than the strength of the steel. There are many benefits to…

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