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Matching faucet finishes to sinks and kitchen styles

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When you’re designing a kitchen, every piece is part of a large puzzle. If you choose the wrong piece, the puzzle won’t fit together. There are a variety of pieces that go into a kitchen design: sink, counter, floor, cabinet and appliances. Choosing the right faucet finish is just as important as choosing the right…

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Super Stainless Steel

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  Let’s talk about the marvelous material that is stainless steel. With its super strength, this material is usually thought of as more of a utility sink, but we’ve been loving these stainless steel sinks in a softer setting. With decorative front aprons, seamless undermounts or chic colored sinks, you can find the beautiful main…

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Trend Alert: Patterned Cement Tiles

785 345 Kitchen Bath Trends

Patterned cement tiles were first manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century. Originally used on the walls, floors and even roofs for artwork, they quickly became a creative element in many homes. Cement tiles are unique in the way they are manufactured. A combination of cement, marble powder, water and sand makes these tiles highly durable and…

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Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps

785 342 Kitchen Bath Trends

When planning a full kitchen remodel, things can get overwhelming very quickly. Make the process easier by weighing out your wants and needs, prioritizing, finding the right professionals and adding the perfect fixtures and finishes. Here are 5 steps to follow to achieve a smooth kitchen remodel.

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Mood Board Monday #73: Best of 2014

785 288 Kitchen Bath Trends

2014 gave us some of the most stylish, luxurious kitchen trends to date. As 2014 comes to an end, it’s time to look back on our favorite trends of the year. This mood board encompasses the best of the 2014 trends, from pot fillers to prep sinks.

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Organization in the Cluttered Kitchen

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There are endless tips on how to organize your kitchen, but the true feat is in keeping it organized. There are some people who can clean as they cook, but they tend to be few and far between. These organization strategies are for the cooks who find they use every pot, pan, and utensil they…

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Baked to Perfection: The Complete Guide to a Culinary Kitchen

1024 713 Kitchen Bath Trends

Whether you love to cook, bake, or you’re just a professional taste-tester, you need a more specialized kitchen. There are more specific elements needed to expedite the cooking process without sacrificing beauty and style. Efficiency is the key to a culinary kitchen. You want to incorporate fixtures and storage that make your cooking experience as…

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The Complete Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

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  Kitchen faucets are typically bought for function: will it get the job done? In recent years, more emphasis is being placed on the styling of the faucet and how it enhances its surrounding environment. There are so many options beyond traditional or modern to choose from now, that the decision can seem daunting. How…

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Mood Board Monday #66: A Country Kitchen

150 150 Kitchen Bath Trends

A country kitchen is a specific branch of traditional style. Rather than the typical European influence you find in traditional designs, country kitchens are influenced by vintage America. The key to creating a successful country kitchen is to make the space feel comfortable and natural; you want it to feel homey and lived-in, not perfectly…

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Mood Board Monday #63: Strong As Steel

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  The best kitchen is one that incorporates a bunch of trends to make one harmonious kitchen. The design featured in this week’s mood board is a stellar example of using three trends to make one seamless space. By combining stainless steel and subway tile, the end result is a luxurious kitchen worthy of being…

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