Stylish Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets

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Selecting the right medicine cabinet adds style, storage, and convenience to the bathroom. A medicine cabinet can hold many items in an organized fashion, making easy access to the items needed when pampering yourself for the day. When deciding on a new medicine cabinet there are different styles to consider. A surface mount cabinet comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is one of the easiest to install.

A surface mount medicine cabinet sticks out from the wall. The average depth is around four inches, but multiple options are manufactured. If the vanity has a deep sink, the reach into the surface mount cabinet is much easier compared to a recessed into the wall style. If the homeowners are shorter or the bathroom is primarily used by kids, having the medicine cabinet closer will provide easier access.

A surface mount medicine cabinet is the easiest to install out of all the different styles. If you want to make a quick renovation to the bath with a new coat of paint and stylish accessories, then a surface mount is the best option. It is as simple as hanging a picture frame on the wall. Homeowners are perfectly capable to do it themselves. You also have the option of hanging the cabinet anywhere that it will fit on the wall.

Medicine cabinets are made out of all different materials, although anodized aluminum cabinets have multiple benefits. They have an extremely long life span and are very durable. The anodized aluminum cannot be affected by ultra violet rays and will not chip or peel. Soap and water cleaning is all that is needed to restore a dirty surface to original appearance. Medicine cabinets made from this material retain its metallic appearance and have a very pleasant gloss. They are also eco-friendly because in production, anodizing is a safe process for human health and when placed in the bathroom it is non-toxic and will not decompose.

This oval shaped surface mount medicine cabinet is the WHOLI model, a beautiful simplistic design from the Medicinehaus series by Whitehaus Collection®. Made out of anodized aluminum it has all the benefits previously described. The single oval shaped door has a mirror on either side, as well as a mirror faced back wall. There are two adjustable glass shelves for individual preference and a sleek modern look. Whitehaus Collection®’s products always deliver a modern aesthetic to live life with style.

A surface mount cabinet has many advantages by delivering a classic look, it is easy to reach, and even easier to install. Homeowners can do it themselves and save money. Concerns are only associated with choosing the best design to fit the décor. Medicine cabinets are a simply way to give the bathroom a face lift and surface mount designs are the perfect place to start.

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