Stunning, technologically-advanced medicine cabinets

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The Medicinehaus line from Whitehaus Collection® offers medicine cabinets in every shape and size. Part of this line is Musichaus, that features stunning, technologically-advanced recessed and surface mount cabinets; making the Medicinehaus line one of the most diverse collections of cabinets on the market.



Musichaus by Whitehaus Collection® is a series of surface mount anodized aluminum medicine cabinets with mirrored glass doors and back panels, soft-closing hinge, adjustable tempered glass shelves, USB, SD card, Bluetooth and FM radio capabilities, built-in speakers, electric socket, defogger, and lights with a dimmer. The features innovative technology applied to this cabinets allows them to be compatible with USB, Bluetooth and SD cards, have FM radio, built-in speakers and a defogger system and are equipped with an electric socket and lights with a dimmer.



The design of all the cabinets in the Medicinehaus line rival their unique style and features. These cabinets are made from anodized aluminum, a material with numerous benefits that include an extremely long lifespan. Aluminum can’t be affected by ultraviolet rays and will never chip or peel. The maintenance of anodized aluminum is simple; cleaning the cabinet with soap and water is all that is needed to restore a dirty surface to its original appearance. Anodizing is a safe process for human health, so the cabinets are also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-corrodible. The surface mounted cabinets have an easy installation; it’s as simple as hanging a picture on the wall. The recessed cabinets are built into the wall, and create a seamless look in your space.

Between the revolutionary technological features and the classic design structure, the Medicinehaus line from Whitehaus Collection® provides you with the ideal fixture for any bathroom.

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