Steal The Look: 6 Small Kitchen Design Must-Haves

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Small kitchens might appear to be a design challenge, but there is no reason why they can’t be transformed into functional, beautiful and efficient. If you are having a hard time with your small kitchen, check out these 6 designs for some inspiration to start transforming your kitchen!

1. Look Into It
A simple way to create a look of expansion in your kitchen is incorporating glass. The glass allows you to see through which enhances the feeling of spaciousness. Add a glass countertop, table top or glass cabinets into your small kitchen. Glass kitchen doors that lead into the outside or into another room can also visually expand the space.

2. Open Up
Overhead cabinets in a small kitchen can feel very claustrophobic. Trade out these cabinets for open storage but making sure that the open storage is tide and uncluttered. Consider adding shelving, pot racks and magnetic knife or spice holders to get clutter off of the counter. These additions will create not only an open space in the kitchen but also visually appealing by using dishes, pots and pans as decor.

3. Downsize
Trying to make your small kitchen a jack-of-all-trades is common mistake. Do not house schoolwork, mail, laundry, cooking, etc. into your kitchen. Focus on the intended function of the kitchen, which is meal prep. Make sure you have the appliances and furnishings in the kitchen before you consider adding anything else. Using scaled-down appliances will help maximize the space. Adding a small island or counter-top cart for extra storage or workspace. Clean, contemporary lines with a simple color scheme will create an open but sophisticated kitchen design.

4. Mix Materials
With your pint-size kitchen, all the accessories must work well together. Mixing wood, metals and other surface materials is great but don’t go over the top. Smaller kitchens cannot handle drastic accessories. Using the same color scheme and style of fixtures creates a unified look for your kitchen. Create a pleasing combo with stainless steel and granite countertops paired with a custom backsplash and island for a more mixed-material feel!

5. Lighten Up
Small kitchens need the right combination of lighting. Task lighting and natural lighting works best for kitchens. Hang pendant lights near your eating area or over a kitchen island. Having a window in your kitchen is ideal. If you don’t currently have a window, consider the possibility of adding one. The lighting in your small kitchen can make or break the spacious feel you are trying to create.

6. Color It
The color scheme that you choose for your walls, appliances, counters, stools, accessories, dishtowels, etc. can change the entire atmosphere and apparent size of the kitchen. Using pastel, neutral and light colors with plenty of white, will reflect light. This illusion reflects the light off of the lighter colors and draws your guest’s eyes upward and makes the kitchen look larger and taller.

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