Steal The Look: Celebrity Bathroom Trends

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Looking to introduce a new, stylish trend for your bathroom? Here’s some inspiration from the bathrooms of celebrities!

1. Beach Flair Meets Chic

Celebrity Bathrooms: Beach Flair Meets Chic

Let’s take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderic’s bathroom. They have gone for a light colored space that is inspired by the look of a beach house. By using the light colors on the walls, they are able to accessorize with simple blue and silvers as their accent colors. To get this look, check out Whitehaus’ Isabella Collection for sinks and Medicinehaus Recessed Medicine Cabinets for the fixtures. Add in some wooden paneling, light or white walls and your favorite blues, yellows or other beach inspired colors for accent pieces!

2. Glamour Meets Shabby Chic

Celebrity Bathrooms: Glamour Meets Shabby Chic

Cameron Diaz’s bathroom is beyond glamorous. From the dark-golden brick-shaped tile that is surrounding her sink and mirror to the glitzy tiles on the wall, this bathroom screams glamour. Since the tiles have an aged, weathered look, they add a shabby-chic look to everything. This is a statement bathroom that if you dare, would be an amazing, envious room in your home!

3. Simplistic Meets Honeycomb

Celebrity Bathrooms: Simplistic Meets Honeycomb

Circular and hexagonal tiles are making their way into bathrooms in 2015. John Mayer was no stranger to this trend. His bathroom above is extremely simple with the colors and accessories but by adding the hexagonal tiles in, he has created a space that is interesting. The tiles give just enough to not get bored!

4. Nature Meets Modern

Celebrity Bathrooms: Nature Meets Modern

While Michael Bay’s movies are full of action, his bathroom captures the calming essence that nature provides. He has mixed both the natural style and the modern style. The wood effect of the floors and the shower that is made of stone couldn’t possibly exemplify nature any more. The smooth and sleek lines in the bathroom give it the modern feel. Adding the fern to the shower tray and a potted plant on the dresser enhances the natural feel even more. To get this look, find fixtures the represent nature and add some accessories with smooth, sleek lines and potted plants!

5. Relaxation Meets Travertine

Celebrity Bathrooms: Relaxation Meets Travertine

Travertine is one of the most sought after natural materials with its unique look and varied shades – super dark to ultra-light – this material can be used in any bathroom scheme. While Hilary Swank’s bathroom has relaxation written all over it with the freestanding bathtub, cushioned seat and books, the travertine tiles add a defined look to the walls and floor. This bathroom also shows how you can create a larger look out of a small bathroom. To get the look, check out Whitehaus’ Freestanding Bathtubs, start adding travertine tiles and use neutral colors for the accents!

6. Monochromatic Meets Serenity

Celebrity Bathrooms: Monochromatic Meets Serenity

While looking at Kate Winslet’s bathroom, you can’t help but feel instantly relaxed. With the very light theme, the monochromatic look has never felt more serene. By using almost all white fixtures, walls, floors and accessories, the bathroom is bright and inviting. There are a few colored accent pieces that add just the right amount of color. Too get this cool and calm style, check out Whitehaus’ Freestanding Bathtubs and the Isabella Collection for sinks!

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