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With so many styles, finishes and configurations available, not venturing and being bold and unique in your bathroom sink selection would be a sad decision.
We are sure there is a sink available that will reflect your personality, adhere to your budget and make your bathroom unique.

We have chosen five unique designs to inspire you.

Yellow lines
The bold choice of color and the above mount installation, make this bathroom as playful as it is simple. The exposed pipes and minimalist fixtures make the sink and shelf be the center of the room.




Noah Plus WHNPL1578





Gold Jungle
The contrast of the natural theme with the opulence of the gold finish on the sink and faucet, bring a unique glamour into this bathroom. The neutral marble countertop, enhances the gorgeous texture of the sink; as well as letting the eclectic design elements to stand out on their own.




Isabella Plus WH71301-F23





Minimalist nature
The rough finish of the wood planks is visually smooth out by the soothing tone of the pale green color. The marble above mount basin is the perfect complement to the strong mount wall faucet and the hanging Edison bulb lamp.




Isabella Plus WH71302-F12





Black & White Glam
Magenta, black and white is a popular color combination that showcases a bold personality.

The contrast between the smooth curves of the black legs that support the white console sink, and the white tub encased in black tiles, allows the color choices to pair all elements smootly. The partial wall of black tiles behind the sink becomes the perfect backdrop for the statement mirror and vanity set up.

Isabella Collection LA12-LAM120B





Asian Inspiration
The simple lines and choice of natural materials reflect a minimalist, Asian inspired layout and design. The black sinks elegantly break the white slate of the countertop; making them stand out in color and finish.

The gray concrete walls add texture to the whole layout; while the unique lamp shades bring in a touch of unexpected fun.

Isabella Plus WH71306-F04





* image source: – bath designs by: Rubio and Ross, Robert’s 21st Century Design, JLB Property Developments, Armstrong Keyworth, Apaiser

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