Stainless Steel: The Super Sink

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Having a deeper bowl is a great option for stainless steel sinks.

Having a deeper bowl is a great option for stainless steel sinks.

You just finished eating dinner, and you have to clean up before you can watch the newest episode of your favorite television show. You hastily throw the pots and pans you used into your beautiful porcelain sink so you can start scrubbing. One of the heavier pots lands in the sink with a thud. Suddenly, your focus is entirely on whether or not your sink is cracked. After a thorough examination, you let out a sigh of relief. The porcelain is still intact, but that doesn’t erase the constant worry and fear that one day your sink will become dented or stained. There’s only one solution to this problem: stainless steel.

The benefits of stainless steel make it a powerful choice when choosing a sink.

When shopping for a stainless steel sink, the gauge will tell you how durable the sink is. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. The most common gauges for stainless steel are 18 and 20. However, the stainless steel sinks in Noah’s Collection by Whitehaus have a 16 gauge, making them some of the strongest sinks on the market. The strength of stainless steel is one of the most important features because it won’t stain, dent or chip. If you accidentally drop pots and pans into your stainless steel sink, it will look exactly the same as the day you bought it.

You can run all the water you want in your stainless steel sink. It won’t rust. It also won’t corrode with chemicals. Stainless steel is one of the most resistant sinks available to purchase.

Because of the resistant, durable nature of stainless steel, it provides years of high performance and appearance.

Stainless steel doesn’t require special care and cleaning. It is one of the easiest materials to maintain.

Many people opt for stainless steel appliances, such as ovens, microwaves and refrigerators. A stainless steel sink will create a cohesive look within your kitchen. In Noah’s Collection, sinks with a front apron are offered. Having that front apron creates even more cohesiveness in your kitchen.


WHNAP3218 This Noah’s Collection stainless steel sink has a front apron and a beveled bowl, which makes it easier for water to flow to the drain.


A rare quality of stainless steel is that it matches almost every color scheme and décor style. You will be hard-pressed to find a kitchen that wouldn’t look great with a stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel is one of the best materials to recycle. It doesn’t degrade or lose valuable properties in the recycling process, making it the clear choice for someone who wants to go green.

Do you have a stainless steel sink? What do you like about it? Tell us!

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