Stainless Steel for the bathroom

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Stainless steel is a versatile material that has been present in the kitchen for a long time, and has now moved into the bathroom as well.

Bath sinks models are now available in this durable material, offered in different finishes and colors. Its versatility allows the designer and homeowner to feel confident to play its traditional metal finish as a focal point in a sleek bathroom, or to choose a unique color like copper or bronze to bring warm elegance into the space.

If staying on the safe side is your thing, start with a neutral base like gray and beige. These tones work well with both the warmer metallic finishes like gold, copper and brass, as well as brushed stainless steel, gunmetal or matte black. The subtle contrast of metal finishes against the neutral tones allows for a calming space.
OR maybe you’re in love with the bold, trending jewel tones like blue or green; a sapphire or emerald ring set in yellow or white gold as your inspiration would bring absolutely beautiful results!

Don’t be scared to mix colors from your palette, almost anything goes, as long as there is a clear vision to your design.

Whitehaus Collection® takes the guess work out of picking the right quality and the right finish by bringing you Noah Plus bath sinks alongside their Waterhaus bath faucets. They have an amazing look by themselves, but together, they are spectacular!

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