Spotlight Designer: Michael Del Piero

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Michael Del Piero | Spotlight Designer

Michael Del Piero

Meet this month's Spotlight Designer, Michael Del Piero. Del Piero has created a distinctive aesthetic by fusing rough with luxurious and blending ancient with modern over the past decade. She achieves poetic balance by mastering scale and proportions, texture and tone. Her effortless and livable interiors are as current as they are enduring, as sophisticated as they are comfortable and as unusual as they are beautiful. Fueled by world travel and an appetite for all things beautiful, Del Piero travels consistently in search of the most unusual and distinctive items for both clients and her eponymous boutique, located in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, showcasing sculptural furniture, unusual objects and abstract art.

Company: Michael Del Piero Good Design

Location: Chicago, IL

Favorite Design Style: Del Piero is known for her accomplished eye and uncommon knack for a serene and simple mix that bridges generations of style. Her distinct aesthetic fuses rough with luxurious and ancient with modern.

Design Mantra: Strive for balance, create interiors as current as they are enduring, as sophisticated as they are approachable, and as unusual as they are beautiful, and take care of clients as if they are royalty, serving their needs and lifestyles above all else.

To see more of Michael's work, visit her website here.

Photography by Janet Mesic Mackie
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