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Marlene Oliphant | Spotlight DesignerMarlene Oliphant

Meet this month's Spotlight Designer, Marlene Oliphant. After working for seven years in a corporate setting, first for Pillsbury in Minneapolis as a Home Economist, then as a Food Editor for Better Homes & Gardens Magazine in Des Moines, writing food features, developing recipes and supervising photography, Marlene Oliphant made her move to Los Angeles in the early 80's. In Los Angeles, Oliphant had a successful freelance business for 12 years, styling food and sets for photography, and writing over 30 cookbooks for clients. In 2002, after designing several kitchens for friends, Oliphant decided to formally study interior design, and went back to school for 2 years. Today Oliphant has a thriving residential design business. Four of her projects have been featured on home tours, the latest on the gulf coast of Florida. In regards to all of her different experiences, Oliphant says, "looking back on the work experience I had, I can see it was all related--everything begins with the vision and conveying that to the client. Design is very personal for each client, and I love their reaction when it is all in place!"

Company: Marlene Oliphant Designs

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Design Style: Transitional. I love combining the beautiful fabrics and details of traditional styles with the more relaxed style of contemporary, but warmed up. Most clients ask for this style, or come around to it once they figure it out in our design process.

Favorite Design Trend: The amazing designs on porcelain tile that are available today, especially the new thin slabs that can be used for walls, countertops, anything. Their looks are superb and the maintenance is care-free. A win-win!

To see more of Marlene's work, visit her website here.
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