Spa Retreat in your Shower

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Bathrooms are a place for people to relax, be alone, and pamper themselves. Instead of spending big bucks for one day of relaxation, put the investment toward creating a personal spa in your home. Many different products are offered today with a wide variety of features. The perfect experience can be created, and the homeowner will have his or her own spa getaway.

Homeowners are starting to remove bathtubs, and instead are expanding showers to include luxury spa features such as body sprayers, multiple showerheads, and therapeutic lights. When choosing features, treat the space as a separate entity from the bathroom. Solely focusing on the shower space will allow the homeowner to choose the accessories they want to make their spa dream a reality, rather than choosing what matches the rest of the bathroom.

If you like to take a trip to the sauna, consider adding a seating area in the shower. Sit back, relax and enjoy the steam.

If you enjoy relaxing in a Jjcuzzi, adding body sprayers along the wall of the shower will simulate the warm jets. The body sprayers add another layer of luxury which can be positioned as massaging jets for a hot tub experience or produce a relaxing warm mist for a sauna feel. They can be turned on and off and set to the desired power for the homeowner. The body sprayers by Whitehaus are a perfect addition to your shower spa.

The rainfall shower head is another luxury shower fixture. It will provide the sensation of being under a waterfall or a gentle rain. The rainfall shower head featured to the left is a square design with a smooth face by Whitehaus Collection. The spray holes are almost invisible, giving it a sleek appearance and making it very easy to clean.

In addition to the rainfall shower head featured left, the Showerhaus series from Whitehaus encompasses many other rainfall shower heads, in every shape from circle to sunburst.

A showerhead is your best friend in the bathroom by freshening you up for the day, giving a massage after a hard time at work, and for a couple to be embraced together by steam. The shower is an everyday space that is your own personal spa retreat. When visiting a five star spa resort, picture in your head what packages you would love to be pampered by and make that your reality. Anything is possible and by spending the time and investment to create your dream, it will be a decision when stepping into the shower to be reminded how happy and great it makes you feel.

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