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Beach-Bathroom1Bathrooms in the 21st century have become an oasis to relax and enjoy some peace of mind. A style emerging in 2013 is turning a plain bathroom into an inviting seaside oasis. Bring the ocean to your home by following some easy suggestions.

When you think of colors from the beach, ones that come to mind are shades of blue and green for the ocean, and light beige, tan, and white for the sand. For the walls of the bathroom consider a light blue or green to surround yourself with the feel of the ocean. The cool blue and green shades relate to the sea and also create a calm and relaxing influence. The floor and cabinets is a great way to bring in tan and white to create the feel of sand. For the cabinets, consider a lighter wood with a weathered appearance for a realistic approach to a beach atmosphere. Distressing the paint finishes can accomplish the weathered look.

Lighting in the room should be as natural as possible. Sky lights and big window fixtures will constantly bring sunlight from outside to the inside. If the bathroom is not in the proper location of the house for an ample natural light source, choose fixtures that resemble the outside, such as lanterns or bright lights.

A beautiful sink from Whitehaus’s Isabella Collection will complete the look of your seaside escape. The sink to the right is a

Isabella sink by Whitehaus Collection rectangular above mount with offset drain

Isabella sink by Whitehaus Collection
rectangular above mount with offset drain

rectangular above mount basin with an offset center drain. The shape is unique by taking after the shape of a wave with its curvy lines. If you’re looking for a brighter statement piece, the Decorative Basins collection offers sinks in various textures and finishes. The brass finish will create a warm, sunshine addition to your beach theme. For the shower, consider a rainfall shower head to recreate the gentle touch of a peaceful storm. The sea is one of the main reasons people visit the beach, so make your water fixtures the purpose to visit your bathroom.


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