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Having a beautiful bathtub set up to enjoy is the only excuse you need to take a break from your hectic day. Whether it is the weekend, a quiet night or a busy day in the middle of the week, there is always time for a relaxing break.

If you want to bring this bath sanctuary into your home, check the following products and get ready to soak the stress away!

The WHBL175BATH Bathhaus has a beautifully striking oval design to create an instant focal point in your bathroom, and it has a spacious interior that allows for full body immersion and ultimate luxury. It features a hidden adjustable leg system perfect for those unleveled floors.
This lucite acrylic tub is strong, but lightweight, and is also stain, scratch, chemical and bacteria resistant, as well as hypo-allergenic.

The WHT7368S Bathhaus freestanding tub filler sets the standard for style and luxury in a bathroom. At a height of 39,” it can reach over any freestanding bathtub. With the integrated diverter valve, you can easily switch between the spout and shower spray. Crafted from solid brass, this tub filler is manufactured to last. Available in a classic Polished Chrome finish, this tub filler will complement every bathroom style from modern to traditional.

Sheaf floor lamp, features a bundled bouquet of natural reeds fanned out and neatly lashed with jute accents. Homey and comfortable, this earthy, texture-rich lamp offers a bounty of design applications.

Woven of bamboo cotton blend terry, prized for its absorbency and texture, our Kensington Terry Robe is the softest and plushest you’ll find.

A quick way to add a fresh touch your bathroom, the white Bare Luxury Cotton Hotel and Spa Bath Towels are a fabulous choice. Soft, absorbent and large, this set of four Turkish cotton towels will envelope you in luxury as you exit your shower or bath. Made from all-natural materials and ribbed for extra absorbency, these plush towels become softer with every wash.

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