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RDID is a full-service design firm assisting clients with a wide range of needs, such as full renovations, selection of interior finishes and fixtures, brand development, and complete project management. Their approach to design starts with a strong floor plan and structure that gives a space its identity, combined with elements that bring a sense of humor and whimsy to a project.

Rae Duncan works closely with her clients to carefully understand their vision and aspirations. Passionate about creating environments that reflect their unique personalities. Rae prides herself on being able to accommodate any aesthetic and is fluent in a range of styles from traditional to modern.

Along with Alissa Johnson‘s mindful design process and modern upscale aesthetic, the RDID team provides residential, corporate, and hospitality design as well as creating branded environments.

The designs include subtle hints of history, textures, and color in creative combinations that convey rich layers of meaning that provide a human depth and warmth that goes beyond superficial styles.

They strive to meet their client’s individual needs while generating functional and beautiful interior spaces.

All photos by ©Cynthia Lynn, www.cynthialynn.com

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Kitchen Bath Trends

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