Product Spotlight: WHYB170BATH

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Bathhaus WHYB170BATH


The Bathhaus WHYB170BATH is an oval freestanding bathtub with a curved rim and double armrests made of Lucite acrylic with a chrome pop-up waste center drain and an internal overflow.


The Bathhaus freestanding bathtub is perfect for any bathroom, especially the master bath.


The bathtub is made from Lucite acrylic, which has an abundance of benefits. Lucite acrylic is strong, but lightweight. You won’t need to worry about the bathtub being too heavy, making it ideal for every bathroom from apartments to houses. It’s also stain, scratch, chemical and bacteria resistant, as well as hypo-allergenic. One of the best benefits though is that Lucite acrylic is warm to the touch. In addition to the advantages of Lucite acrylic, the bathtub has a beautiful traditional design, creating an instant focal point in your bathroom. The tub has a spacious interior, allowing for full body immersion and two bathers. For more information on the benefits of all our freestanding bathtubs, check out the article “Everything You Need to Know about Freestanding Bathtubs.”


For an even more luxurious look, pair the Bathhaus freestanding bathtub with one of our three freestanding tub fillers.

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