Product Spotlight: WHNKB001

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Kitchen Accessories WHNKB001


The Kitchen Accessories WHNKB001 is a stainless steel drop-in knife holder.


This drop-in knife holder is perfect for any kitchen, especially smaller ones where counter space is limited.


The WHNKB001 stainless steel knife holder has innumerous benefits. First and foremost, you can save invaluable counter space. Knife holders can often be bulky, taking up more space than homeowners’ can afford. Having a drop-in knife holder is a simple fix for a smaller space. It also maximizes safety in the kitchen. Storing knives loose in a drawer can lead to painful accidents. Installing the WHNKB001 eliminates the need to rummage through unsafe drawers. Another benefit of a drop-in knife holder is efficiency. You have easy access to the utensils that you use most frequently. The WHNKB001 can accommodate and store knives of various shapes and sizes, making it the perfect accessory for functionality and luxury.


For a luxurious kitchen with functional accessories, pair your Kitchen Accessories WHNKB001 drop-in knife holder with, a Vintage III or Decohaus pot filler and a Forever Hot instant hot water dispenser.

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