Product Spotlight: WHKPFCR3-9550

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Vintage III WHKPFCR3-9550


The Vintage III WHKPFCR3-9550 is a wall mount pot filler with cross handles and a swivel aerator.


This pot filler fits perfectly over the stove in any kitchen.


The convenience of a pot filler is undeniable. Rather than having to carry a heavy pot of water, you can fill your pot with water directly on the stove. This is especially handy when cooking large meals. You can let the water run while you prep other parts of the meal without monopolizing the space in the sink. This pot filler in particular is extremely handy. By being double jointed, it was designed to reach even the farthest spots on the stove. It has two handles, allowing for easy access to turning the water on and shutting it off, and it has a swivel aerator, maximizing precision of water flow.


Pair this Vintage III pot filler with a Vintage III faucet for a cohesive look in your kitchen.

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