Product Spotlight: WHFS9813-12-C

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Utility Faucets WHFS9813-12-C


The Utility Faucets WHFS9813-12-C is a heavy duty utility bridge faucet with an extended swivel spout and lever handles.


This utility faucet is ideal for any laundry, garage or workspace.


WHFS9813-12-C is unique because it’s a bridge faucet. Utility faucets are typically wall mounted; with this model, you get the style of a bridge faucet with the durability of utility faucets. It’s made of solid brass, so it’s strong and extremely long lasting. This faucet is streamlined, so there are no frills; it works hard so you don’t have to. The extended spout swivels and lets you reach farther when filling up a bucket or cleaning a mess. The levers are also extremely easy to use. If you’re holding something in your hand, you can knock into the lever and the water will turn on. This is extremely beneficial if your hands are dirty and you don’t want to create an even bigger mess.


The WHFS9813-12-C utility faucet sits perfectly on top of the WHNC30CAB utility cabinet.

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