Product Spotlight: WHFH-HC3131

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Forever Hot WHFH-HC3131


The Forever Hot WHFH-HC3131 is an instant hot and cold water dispenser with a traditional spout and a self-closing hot water handle.


The instant hot and cold water dispenser is a great addition to any kitchen or bar area.


The benefits of a Forever Hot instant hot and cold water dispenser are innumerable. These faucets have two handles, one for dispensing hot water and one for cold. You will no longer need to run the faucet waiting for the water to change from hot to cold. The hot water dispenser produces a cup of steaming water in less than 30 seconds, and you can adjust the temperature of your water with an easy access thermostat ranging from 140-190 degrees. The cold water dispenser can be hooked up to a filtration system, providing you with clean, drinkable water directly from a faucet. The convenience these faucets provide is unparalleled. You no longer need to wait for a cup of tea or buy bottled water. In addition to their functionality, the line of Forever Hot faucets matches almost all of the Whitehaus Collection kitchen faucets. They’re available in seven finishes and nine styles, giving you a completely cohesive kitchen.


The Forever Hot faucets are designed to be used with the Whitehaus Hot Water Tank WH-TANK. For a unified look, pair the WHFH-HC3131 Forever Hot faucet with Vintage III kitchen faucet WHKSDTLV3-8201 and Vintage III prep/entertainment faucet WHKSDTLV3-8204.

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