Product Spotlight: WHFEL7089-S

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The Musichaus Medicine Cabinet WHFEL7089-S


The Musichaus WHFEL7089-S Double Door Medicine Cabinet is technologically advanced with many never before seen features.


This technologically advanced medicine cabinet makes the perfect addition to any bathroom from modern to traditional.


The WHFEL7089-S is the perfect integration of storage and technology for your bathroom. This never before seen technology offers homeowners a completely new experience while getting ready. Equipped with USB, SD card and Bluetooth capabilities, a FM Radio, two built-in speakers, an electrical outlet, defogger and a blue-lit LED power button with a dimmer, this medicine cabinet really has it all! The WHFEL7089-S is made of anodized aluminum which has many benefits. Anodized aluminum is easy to clean, will never chip or peel and is non-corrodible. The dimensions are 27 ½” x 35” x 6”. This medicine cabinet offers homeowners their basic storage needs and a statement piece for their bathroom.

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