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The Pinterest board we constantly pin to the most is Wonderful White. This compilation of white schemed kitchens and bathrooms is consistently trendy with its timeless look. I love the color, or should I say absence of color, and the feel it brings to any space.

White is the perfect neutral. It goes with every design style and is easily updated. Using white as the foundation for a room allows you the freedom to frequently change its style. Simply swap out some accessories and you have a completely new design.

It was the top color scheme for kitchens and bathrooms in 2013, and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon. White is stark and strong, crisp and clean. It brings a serene atmosphere to even the most chaotic space, especially when paired with other neutrals such as tan or gray. For a bolder look, pairing it with a deep red or green creates immense contrast.

You can use white for just about any and all elements in the kitchen and bathroom from paint to counters, fixtures to floors. I especially love when white subway tile is incorporated into the kitchen or bathroom design because it gives some texture to an otherwise solid white wall. Polished Chrome is an excellent finish to accentuate a white color scheme because of its reflective nature. It creates an open, airy effect in even the smallest of spaces.

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