Pinterest Trends: Transitional Time

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Transitional style is taking the kitchen and bath industry by storm. It offers a blend between traditional and contemporary styles, resulting in a design that will stand the test of time. It has a simplistic feel that will make your space warm and inviting.

The pins featured in this week’s Pinterest Trends exemplify the best practices for creating a successful transitional style. Warm neutrals are the best choice for the transitional style, including soft whites, gray, cream, biscuit, taupe and greige. All of the pins have neutral tones that enhance the overall design of the room. Adding a pop of color is a great way to make the space livelier without overpowering the color palette.

Texture is also extremely important when it comes to designing for the transitional style. With a neutral palette, the space can feel monotonous. Adding texture is a great way to give the room dimension and flair. You can mix and match patterns and materials to create a harmonious, transitional design.

Transitional style is all about personal preference. You can’t go wrong with your choice of color, furniture or flooring because the design is supposed to reflect your personality.

To see all of our transitional pins, view our “Transitional Time” pinboard here. To see our full collection of kitchen and bath pins, view our Pinterest profile here.


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