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Imagine you come home from a long day of work. You grab your favorite book, turn on some soothing music, light a few aroma therapy candles, and sink into a wonderland of warm water. A bathtub is a one of a kind experience for people to rejuvenate and relax. Taking a bath is not simply a method of bathing, but an experience people love to incorporate as a part of their lifestyle.

Finding the correct bathtub to complete the experience is very important. The shape, material, and location of the tub are just the basics needed in choosing the correct tub.

We were inspired by all the beautiful pictures on Pinterest this week of homeowners’ tubs. The views seen on the other side of the window from the tubs are truly breathtaking. I can only imagine being the person who gets to experience the luxury of sitting in that bathtub. The unique shapes and designs of the tubs offered today have surpassed the traditional model, taking it to new limits.

If you are thinking about including a bathtub in your home, take the time to research all of the different options to find the correct one for you. The person who intends to use the bathtub the most should be the one to pick the model. For benefits and disadvantages of different bathtub materials, check out the article, “Positives and Negatives of Bathtub Materials.”

Visit our Pinterest board “Totally Tubs” for more inspiring pictures. Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more on trend inspiration ideas to help enhance your kitchen and bathroom here.

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