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Traditional design is a classic; it’s always in style, timeless and beautiful. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or utility room, a traditional design makes your house a home. It adds a level of familiarity, comfort and friendliness. The traditional kitchens, baths and utility rooms featured in the pins above vary in size and design, but all have key elements that tie them into the traditional style.

All of the rooms incorporate neutrals into their designs, namely white and beige. These two colors are easy to pair with most accents, update well, and make the spaces seem welcoming and open.  Using different design elements is a great way to make the space seem more dimensional and textured against the neutrals.

Fireclay and china sinks are another huge trend in traditional design. Fixtures should be as much a part of the design as colors and accessories. These pieces are fixed into the foundation of your space, and should be functional, but also complement the integrity of the design. Farmhouse sinks make the perfect addition to kitchens and utility rooms, and can be seen as a design statement, as well as a large, functional sink. Pedestal sinks in the bathroom are a great way to save space while adding an element of style.

Bridge faucets are another key element in traditional design. These are the definition of functional luxury. They look stylish and are in keeping with the ideals of a traditionally styled room. Faucet finishes such as Antique Copper, Antique Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze make for obvious traditional choices, but Polished Chrome is also a really great finish to complement a traditional design.

To view our full collection of traditional pins, view our Timelessly Traditional pinboard here. For our extensive collection of kitchen and bath pins, view our Pinterest profile here.



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