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Spring is right around the corner, and as the temperatures climb and flowers bloom, it’s time to start revamping your kitchen and bathrooms. These spaces should reflect the life and energy, not only of your family, but of nature itself. Clean out cluttered drawers, purge your pantries and scrub everything because spring is the time of year to start anew.

Although fall color palettes are striking, I love pinning for spring because of all the natural light. Spaces seem more open and fresh when you have those extra hours of sunlight. Foliage benefits from this excess of natural light, so add plants and flowers to your kitchen and bath designs. While the plant life is benefiting from the natural light, you’ll be benefiting from the plants. Studies have shown that house plants purify air, improve health and sharpen focus.

Warm and light neutrals in both the kitchen and bath will also accentuate the fresh new season. Pairing a warm palette with a cool green or blue will accentuate the foliage and create a serene space, especially in the bathroom.

What I love about these pins is that, even though the spaces are spring themed, they all have a foundation that can be easily switched for each season. The accessories are what create an airy, fresh experience. If you want a bolder statement in the fall, swap out your cool-colored accessories for warm ones. Having a flexible space will ensure versatility and ease when changing the room’s look.

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