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Having a bathtub to soak in is an undeniable luxury, but what if you happen to hit snooze one too many times in the morning and have no time for a relaxing bath to start your day? With every great bathtub, there’s a shower to go with it.

Whether you attach a shower head and curtain to the tub, place your tub into a large walk-in shower stall (so unique!), or have a separate space to shower in, a place to shower is a must-have in the bathroom. Nothing is more efficient than jumping into the shower if you’re in a rush in the morning!

We have two collections here at Whitehaus devoted to great looking showers – Metrohaus and Showerhaus. Included in these lines are lavish rainfall showerheads, convenient handheld shower sets, and full shower sets including a sidebar to adjust showerhead height.

To find inspiration for your bathroom tub and shower combination, check out our Simply Showers pin board here!

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