Pinterest Trends: Radiant Red

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Pinterest Trends: Radiant Red

Kitchens have always been soothing spaces that are meant to welcome the day, your family and your guests. Recently, bolder colors have begun to show up in kitchen styles. It’s not uncommon to now see kitchens with vibrant fluorescents, deep oranges, yellows and reds.

As you can see in the pins above, the red colors are mostly seen on walls, cabinets or accessories.

Red cabinets can work with almost any kitchen style that you have but they are more popular in modern or retro designed kitchens. Lighten up your kitchen with sleek laminate cabinets.

Red walls allow for a pop of color in your kitchen. You can pair these red walls with different colored appliances and cabinets. White, gray and black match perfectly with red.

If you don’t want to go too bold, opt for red appliances and accessories throughout the kitchen. This will help liven up your kitchen without going to the extreme. A red mixer, some red vases or jars and other red accessories will complete your look. Just make sure the walls and cabinets in the kitchen will help accent these accessories!

Combined with the right textures, red can work in any kitchen. If you love red, dare to be bold and decorate your kitchen! For more red inspiration, check out our pins here!

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