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Color has a strong impact on the way we feel and the choices we make every day. Each color has unique properties and emotions that influence people. Have you ever researched the meaning and effects of your favorite color?

Purple is a perfect harmony of chaotic red and calm blue. People who are very creative and eccentric are often fond of this color. Royalty has been using purple in their clothing, jewels, and metals for years, such as the “Purple Heart” given to U.S. Military soldiers who are wounded or killed in battle. Purple effects people mentally and physically by uplifting our mood, calming our nerves, and offering a sense of spirituality.

It is only natural for people to love the color purple and find a way to use it in their own home. The bathroom is a great place because of its calming effect. The kitchen is also an excellent option for a fun pop of color to brighten the mood of the room, or go with a bold choice and use it for your cabinets and walls.

The pictures in this Pinsight were inspired from kitchens and bathrooms that have used purple to its full potential to create a unique space. Play with light and darker shades to find the best color for you. Visit our Pinterest board “Pretty in Purple” for more inspiring pictures.

For more inspiration on using purple in your home, check out our Pretty in Purple pinboard here, and to view all of our pins, visit our Pinterest here.

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