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Earlier this week we defined the different types of bathrooms, ranging from ensuites to Jack and Jill. A powder room is a smaller bathroom with just a sink and toilet.

Because these rooms are small in size, homeowners are often afraid to go big in design. We dedicated an entire pinboard to these perfect powder rooms, which exemplify that a small space can be equally as stylish as a large one.

One thing you’ll notice about the majority of these powder rooms is a similar color scheme. They pretty much all rely on neutrals, whether light or dark. Because the space is so small, unique elements are hard to incorporate. Each powder room has a funky shaped mirror, adding character without sacrificing space.

Pedestal sinks are another key feature to the majority of these powder rooms. Not having a vanity saves space and makes the room seem larger. Wall mounted sinks or floating vanities are another way to create the illusion of an enlarged space.

Because a lot of powder rooms are in the middle of homes, natural light can be difficult to integrate. Finding the right lighting is important, and sconces seem to do the trick. They provide enough light without being too large and overbearing in the design.

Bringing texture into the space can help break up the monotony of a single paint color. Whether you use tile on the wall or a fun vanity material, it’ll add to the design without seeming to be overwhelming. If you’re on a budget, color blocking the walls with different tones of your primary color can act the same as adding texture.

Designing for a smaller space can be tricky, but if it’s done right, your powder room will stand out because of its style, not its size.

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