Pinterest Trends: Pot Filler Frenzy

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One of our favorite luxury items at Kitchen Bath Trends is the pot filler. Although they’re mainly common in restaurants, there are many benefits to owning a pot filler in your home. The first is saving your energy. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. If you fill an oversize pot with water, you can be carrying up to 20 pounds or more to the stove. With a pot filler, you eliminate carrying the pot altogether.

Another benefit of the pot filler is saving time. A large part of cooking is multitasking. When you have to fill your pot in the sink, time seems to come to a halt. Then even more time is spent carrying the pot to the stove, especially if you have to take your time. With a pot filler, you can let the water run into the pot while you prepare other aspects of the meal.

Besides functionality, pot fillers are extremely stylish. There are so many styles of pot fillers, you’re sure to find one that fits the décor of your kitchen. From Whitehaus Collection’s vintage pot fillers to Newport Brass’ modern pot fillers, the options are endless!

For more information on the endless possibilities with pot fillers, check out the article “Pot Filler Faucets – An Over the Stove Accessory

This week we dedicated an entire pinboard to our favorite pot fillers, including the aforementioned Whitehaus Collection and Newport Brass. Join the Pinterest pot filler frenzy here, and to see the rest of our pins, visit our Pinterest site here.

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