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Using a neutral color, such as white, gray or beige, is a great choice for any space. They’re extremely easy to update, because they match so many different styles and trends. However, sometimes using all neutrals can make a room seem flat.

I love adding a pop of color to any all-neutral kitchen or bathroom. It gives the space such an enormous wow-factor. There are two different ways to incorporate color: impermanent and permanent. You can find impermanent  colors in things like towels, vases, rugs, anything that can be easily changed. These accessories liven up a space, but do so in a way that can be easily changed if you want to try a new color. Permanent color can be found in accent walls or more permanent pieces of a room like a vanity or island. If you’re 100% sure that you found the right hue for you, painting an accent wall or piece of furniture brings life to an otherwise neutral space.

Whether you want to go bright or light, color can make all the difference in a design. A great accent for the kitchen is red, which has been proven to stimulate your appetite. Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, is a nice accent for the bathroom. To find out more about Radiant Orchid, check out the article “Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year.”

I love the pins featured above. They captivate both ways of using pops of color and really brighten up the rooms. My favorite room is the photo in the top left corner. Painting the inside of drawers to match the accessories is such a brilliant, unique idea. It’s also only takes a coat of paint to introduce a different color into the room, making it the perfect harmony between an impermanent and permanent color.

For more pins on the power of color, check out our pinboard “Pop of Color.” You can find all of our pins and boards here.


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